Latest Import and Export Tariffs 2020
Biểu Thuế Xuất Nhập Khẩu 2020

The latest import and export tariff 2020, you can download Excel or PDF files for free on the internet, if you have more conditions, you should consult reputable sources such as publishing books. This article will differentiate between import and export taxes when you import a shipment to Vietnam for business, in addition to an overview of how you use the tariff, the special symbols in the tariff. . At the end of the article, you can download the decrees, circulars, tariffs of Excel and PDF files that I have prepared for different types of preferential tariffs under current trade agreements.

Import and Export Tariffs 2020
Tariff 2020

Biểu thuế 2020

To understand the import and export tax first, you should understand the concepts such as HS Code (Harmonized system codes), trade agreements (unilateral, bilateral, and multilateral). method), origin of goods (C / O).

Overview and taxes in the import and export tariff

I summarize the rule: that taxes are a tool to run the state’s macro policies. Through tax the government has “supported” or “limited” the popularity of a certain commodity. Therefore, import and export duties have the function of supporting or restricting a type of goods depending on the type and origin (C / O), whether or not Vietnam trade agreements have signed or not.

Latest Import and Export Tariffs – Specials & Specials
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Update March 15, 2020 – Current is the latest version of 2020. MTO Group always updates to readers the latest version from Mr. Vu Quy Hung

Các loại thuế xuất nhập khẩu

For example, a motorbike will be given priority over import tax when importing a car (type). And a motorbike from Japan will be given higher tax priority when importing a motorbike from Italy (origin because Vietnam and Japan have bilateral trade agreements expressed via CO form VJ) … Japanese machines will fall and be more competitive than other brands.

Import and export taxes

We basically understand why import and export taxes are important when you import goods, because they affect the competitiveness of goods in the market and decide which goods are more popular. If you want to have good import and export taxes, the category of goods must be supported by the state, imported from countries where Vietnam has signed preferential trade agreements through C / O. It is the same for import and export classmates, it is important to be quick on the market and experience, and sometimes see people who do not have much knowledge about import and export but they choose good business goods!

To be intuitive and easy to understand, I would like to quote the tax file of your Excel file Vu Quy Hung – Secretary of Youth Union of Customs Department of Quang Ninh Province. The structure of the tariff consists of rows and columns. The column describes the arrangement criteria, the taxes that the category of goods is subject to. Goods are chapters, groups, subheadings and descriptions of each separate commodity.

How to look up import and export tax schedules

Cách tra biểu thuế xuất nhập khẩu

The lookup rule is in rows and then in columns. Look up the product to find out the name of the product, and then follow the column to see what taxes this product is subject to. A lot of you think import and export duties are general taxes when the goods are in stock. However, this way of saying it is not right, I will help you to self-study import and export details and understand easily about taxes, the following are the taxes that a goods imported to Vietnam must bear:

Ordinary import tax

Thuế nhập khẩu ưu đãi ASEAN - Trung Quốc, CO Form E

This is a common tax rate for goods originating from countries where Vietnam is not a party to trade agreements with tax incentives. Also known as no most favored nation treatment (MFN – Most Favored Nation). This tax is mostly imported from countries you hear very little and are not included in any preferential treaties and special offers.

From January 1, 2018, Decision 45/2017 / QD-TTg amends and supplements Decision 36/2016 / QD-TTg signed by the Prime Minister. According to the above decision:
– The common import tax rate applied to goods of the same List is 5%.
– In case goods are not on the list of ordinary import tax rates, 150% of the preferential tax rates applicable to the respective goods shall apply. If the preferential tax rate is 0%, the Prime Minister will base on Article 10 of this Law to decide.

Các loại thuế nhập khẩu ô tô nguyên chiếc

If your goods are entitled to a preferential tax, it will be better to pay more than the normal import tax, if we are more favorable, we will apply the preferential type to calculate import tax.

Thu và chi thuế bảo vệ môi trường tại Việt Nam 2012 - 2015

Preferential import tax

Các quốc gia thu thuế VAT và không thu thuế VAT

Import tax on goods originating from countries that have trade relations with Vietnam under the most favored nation treatment (MFN) policy. Most of the current imports into Vietnam are eligible for this tax incentive, as Vietnam currently has trade relations with about 180 countries around the world. You can see Official Letter 1530 / TCHQ – TXNK dated 23.03.2018 for countries that have MFN relations with Vietnam.

Special preferential import tax

This is a special preferential import-export tax for goods imported

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