Me Linh Logistics and Logistics Joint Stock Company would like to send to customers the excel file, the integrated import and export tariff and update in 2021 by the Customs Branch of Hon Gai Port – Provincial Customs Department. Compiled by Quang Ninh. With the 2021 import and export tariff file, businesses can more easily look up the tariff of goods.

Import and Export Tariff 2021

This tax schedule file was compiled in December 2020 and includes the following contents:
1. List of import-export goods of Vietnam according to Circular 65/2017 / TT-BTC.
2. Tariffs related to imported and exported goods: A total of 22 tariffs (including: Export Tariff, 3. Normal Import Tariff, Preferential Import Tariff, VAT, Special Special Tariff, Environmental Protection Tariff & 14 Schedule special preferential import tax,
02 preferential export tariffs of Vietnam participating in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements).
3. Management policies for goods according to HS codes of the Government and ministries and agencies: A total of 71 types of management policies for exported and imported goods apply to 8,132 lines of goods.
4. Product-specific rules accompanying special preferential import tariffs

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