In the morning of April 3, 2023, at Khai Quang Industrial Park (Vinh Phuc province), Me Linh Logistics and Logistics Joint Stock Company attended the inauguration ceremony of Factory No. 02 of HJC Vina Co., Ltd. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thang – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company.

Delegates perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate Factory No. 2

HJC Vina Co., Ltd

Established in 2007, HJC Vina Co., Ltd. focuses on producing mid-level and universal helmets. Factory scale is 34,000 m2 with a workshop of 11,200m2, including a closed line necessary for the production of helmets from preparation to assembly.
Attending the inauguration at the ceremony Mr. Nguyen Quoc Thang – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Me Linh Logistics Joint Stock Company recognized the strong cooperation and companionship between the two companies during the past time. With the motto and mission of serving customers with the best service, offering the most useful solutions to help the circulation and transportation of goods be done quickly and easily.
For Me Linh Logistics Joint Stock Company, customer satisfaction is the most important thing. This satisfaction has been and is being clearly shown in each service that brings high efficiency to customers in general and HJC Co., Ltd. in particular.

To achieve the achievements to this day. The Board of Directors of the company always upholds the standard principles in serving customers as follows:
– Respond quickly and efficiently to all customer requests
– Ensure the continuity of the services provided by the company.
– Enthusiastic, attentive with a quick, gentle attitude.
– Ensure to provide services with reasonable and highly competitive prices.
– Always pay attention to employee training policy to ensure high professionalism.

by Hoang Ha


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