After a period of influence by Covid – 19, from March 2021, the logistics market is active again. Some enterprises operating in the logistics sector in the province have begun to receive traditional orders and are planning to expand their scale to meet the needs of the market.

Employees of Me Linh Logistics and Logistics Joint Stock Company, Phuc Thang ward (Phuc Yen) count the goods before shipping.

Transportation service is one of the industries hardest hit by Covid – 19. According to a survey by the Vietnam Logistics Business Association, in 2020, 15% – 50% of activities, members’ revenue will be affected. depending on the type of service provided.
Despite the decline in revenue, many businesses operating in the logistics sector still actively participate in the following activities: Supporting enterprises to export agricultural products to the Chinese market; some warehouse businesses actively reduce 10% – 20% of the rental price of cold storage; actively participate in transporting goods for the domestic market, especially for goods for production and consumption.
As the first enterprise in the province operating in the field of logistics, Me Linh Logistics and Logistics Joint Stock Company (MTO), in Phuc Thang ward (Phuc Yen) is the only investor of the Clearance Point (ICD). of the province at the time of establishment, recognized by the Ministry of Finance as a customs clearance place outside Vinh Phuc border gate according to Decision No. 455 of the Ministry of Finance.
MTO is recognized as a member of the World Logistics Association (FIATA) and the Vietnam Logistics Association (VIFFAS); The company’s main fields of activity include: Freight forwarding, warehousing, collection of goods; customs agent, customs declaration, liquidation of import and export goods.
With a network of branches present in 4 major cities and provinces in the country including: Hai Phong, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Thai Nguyen, the Company is currently creating jobs for more than 40 employees with an average income of 7 million VND. /person/month.
The company’s customers are mainly large enterprises, including 90% of FDI enterprises, such as: Honda Vietnam Company, Kwang Sung Vietnam Co., Ltd., Shinwon Ebenezer Co., Ltd., Heawon Co., Ltd. …
According to Ms. Duong Thu Thuy, Sales Manager of MTO: From the beginning of 2020 to mid-February 2021, due to the impact of Covid – 19, the number of orders decreased by 40%, leading to a significant decrease in the company’s revenue. tell.
Not only affected in the import-export market, for the domestic market, some road transport routes passing through the provinces and cities of Hai Phong and Hai Duong are not allowed to pass due to social distancing due to Covid-19. -19, the means of transporting goods have to move along other routes, increasing costs.
However, from the beginning of March until now, the Covid-19 epidemic was under control, traditional orders have started to contract service again.
In order to proactively meet the demand for transporting goods, in addition to the existing 20 tractors and 4 trucks, the Company cooperates with a number of other freight transport units to mobilize up to 50 tractors of all kinds, depending on the situation. according to customer needs.
In addition to mobilizing vehicles, recently, the company continued to upgrade the warehouse system, increase the number of forklifts, invest in more automation equipment in 2 warehouses with a total area of ​​nearly 2,000 m2.
With great efforts, in the first quarter of 2021, MTO’s revenue reached nearly VND 12 billion, equal to 35% of the company’s total revenue in 2020.
According to the plan, from now until the end of 2021, if the market is favorable, not affected by objective factors, the company sets a growth target of 30% compared to 2020.
Also one of the leading enterprises operating in the field of logistics in the province, in 2020, the business goal of HP Vinh Phuc Trading and Forwarding Co., Ltd (Phuc Yen) did not meet the set plan due to affected by Covid-19
According to the company representative, in order to overcome difficulties in the time of complicated epidemics, the Company focuses on exploiting the domestic market through representative offices in provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, Thai Nguyen…
Although the import-export market was almost “frozen” during the epidemic, in the domestic market, the transshipment of goods for production and consumption still took place steadily. This is considered the main source of revenue in 2020 of the company.
Currently, the epidemic has been controlled, the logistics market has started to become active again, the Company continues to promote the import and export business through representative offices in countries such as China, Korea, and Japan. Copy, Germany…
The commitment to perform well the services to help businesses, especially FDI enterprises to quickly, conveniently, save costs, clear goods on schedule, is one of the solutions in this time. In the coming time, the company will expand its market and successfully realize its business goals set out this year.
Located in an area with many businesses operating, when the epidemic is under control, the logistics market prospers again, the province’s logistics enterprises are trying to attract investment in the field of logistics infrastructure; expanding relations, applying modern supply chain management model with enterprises, especially FDI enterprises with large export volumes.
The fact that state management agencies facilitate the simplification of administrative procedures, loan procedures, land allocation for warehouses, etc., helps improve the competitiveness of logistics enterprises in the province, contributing to the development of the industry.
Article, photo: Hoang Son – Vinh Phuc Newspaper

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