Import and export is a hot industry chosen by many young people. Not only is the industry having a future, this is also a big playground suitable for challenging and eager young people. Attractive salary and huge amount of knowledge is what you will achieve when you set foot on this open road.


What do students in import and export do?

The future of import and export industry is promising

Compared with other economic sectors, the trend of import and export industry has the most development trend. You can completely pursue many jobs and have a high salary compared with friends if you persistently pursue this industry. However, the potential is always accompanied by challenges, import and export requires you more about the ability to negotiate, communicate, foreign languages and work independently. If you are ready to face those challenges and always have a spirit of constant learning, we will quickly review what you can do when you study this major.

When you start school as an import-export specialist, you can choose one of the following export-import industry trends:

  • Purchasing staff: This position requires you to work with suppliers, analyze quotes and estimate import costs. At the same time, you need to do more about drafting contracts and preparing payment documents.
  • Import staff: The job is quite similar to the above position, but the importer is a bit simpler without looking for suppliers.
  • Sales staff – Import and export: Search and deal with customers, mostly foreign guests. In addition, this position needs to carry out other side jobs to serve export goods such as opening export accounts, applying for C / O …
  • Export staff: Not looking for customers because the company has a separate relationship. This position only needs to do export-related jobs.
  • Staff voucher: Working in the department of import and export department. This position requires staff responsible for drafting documents on import and export in general.
  • Staff import and export field: Directly to warehouses or airports and procedures for receiving goods, customs clearance from transport companies.
  • International payment department staff: The position requires young people need knowledge focused on international payment. Make sure you understand the rules for paying banks and between banks and customers.

Current situation of import and export in Vietnam

Import-export lack of human resources – Opportunities for young people

In recent years, the trend of import and export industries has become much more diversified and richer. However, the import and export industry is still “thirsty” of trained human resources. This is also a great opportunity for passionate young people in this field to have more options and get a job with a higher salary. In 2017, import and export increased sales by 21% compared to 2016. It is expected that in 2018 this figure will tend to increase even more.

The strong development of the import and export industry leads to increasing demand for human resources. According to recent research, the total demand for human resources will increase by more than 10 million people compared to last year. In Ho Chi Minh City alone, in the period from 2015 until now, there is a shortage of 80% of trained workers, ie about 25,000 jobs / year are left open.

Why should you study import and export?

Import and export promises bright future if you have enough effort

With all of the above, you have been able to orient some of the open future awaiting young people in the import and export industry. However, for young people who are still concerned about choosing a major, it is possible to learn more about the benefits that the export and import sector will bring to you as follows:

  • Salary: The salary of this industry can be said to be significantly higher than other economic sectors. You can be assured of the salary if you are good enough and stay in the industry for a long time.
  • Job opportunities: Lack of human resources and job surplus are the general situation of the import and export industry. You only need to be able to get the chance to be in the right industry especially easier than other industries.
  • Advancement opportunities: Rare human resources leading to your ability to advance in your job will be much faster.

In short, the current and future export and import industry trends will have many positive changes. Young people who have been and are following the industry can be assured of job opportunities as well as the ability to advance when they graduate. In addition, this is a great career for passionate people.


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